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Even before I had kids, I have loved going to hands-on learning museums. It's so much more fun to get in it! If you come to San Francisco, you have to put the Exploratorium high on your list. We've been going for years -- starting back at its old location by the Palace of Fine Arts. It's better to go mid-week and right when it opens. This picture is the Mood Lighting exhibit that teaches kids (and adults!) how color affects your mood. I know colors certainly affect mine! I once painted our entire living room a shade of army green. It looked like we were going to hold the next ROTC recruiting meeting in our front room. Just awful. I knew as soon as I brushed on the first stroke that it was so horribly wrong it was sickening, but being as stubborn/optimistic as I am, I painted the entire room before giving in to the dreaded 2nd trip to the paint store. And then I inadvertently selected my next color palette to match the colors of the rival team to The Ohio State Buckeyes. When my husband walked in and saw what I'd picked out -- yet another shockingly unacceptable color -- he just shook his head, knowing that he would not be hosting any game days among the confines of our poor walls. Way more info about our walls than you bargained for huh? I digress.
If you are near Crissy Field in San Francisco, first stop in the Warming Hut for a snack and hot beverage, then walk past it toward Fort Point, and then hang left to walk up the staircase here. It leads to the Golden Gate Bridge eventually. What a view, isn't it? It's crazy the way the weather changes here from minute to minute. I know you read it in all the guide books already, but PACK LAYERS!! Even if it's 80 degrees outside at 2pm, by 2:30 it can be covered in misty fog. There's a reason why alllllll the San Francisco-emblemed fleece jacket shops exist at Fisherman's Wharf. The tourists get microclimate cocky :)
Oh Legion of Honor let me count the ways in which I love you. 💖 💖 💖
1.) You are far less crowded than many of the other San Francisco art museums.
2.) You have far more charm and coziness than the bigger steel and concrete museums of your sisters/brothers.
3.) Your menu tastes as good as it sounds and I get to enjoy it in a beautiful garden setting that does not seem to have any pigeon problems. This is a big deal. Well done, Legion.
4.) You have a forgiving nature when young children run rampant in your gallery and need to be physically restrained from sitting on an 18th century piece of French furniture. I mean whose kids are those, amiright? 
5.) The exterior of your museum is just as breathtaking as the interior. The bronze sculpture of The Thinker, the big red thing that everyone asks "Is that a big compass?" about, the grassy grounds that look out over the Presidio and ocean. I mean come on, you're making all the other museums look bad. :( :(
​(jk jk keep being you, LOH).
6.) The porcelain room. I can actually say it truly took my breath away the first time I walked inside. Every trip, I save it for last. 
My children appreciate the true beauty of the human form, clearly. This is a gallery near Ghirardelli Square. 
The supply of kooky things to see in San Francisco is pretty much endless. This is at Paxton Gate in the Mission and it is just one of the many taxidermy you'll see there so it's not a shop for everyone! But it's a great place to stock up for all those friends who would appreciate a badger claw or bobcat tail in their stocking this year.
The Bay Bridge at sunrise before the San Francisco Marathon three years ago. I love the palm trees. The palm trees never ever get old. Can you tell I love this city? 

Tell me what you love about where you live?

What is your favorite museum and/or which museum do you remember visiting as a kid?